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Serial promotion arrived at the Taj Mahal Lead Artist...see More Pics

Agra : Today, The lead cast Abhishek Mallik (Ranveer) and Sonali Nikam (Suman) in awe of The Taj, the monument of eternal love. Have you heard of a bride with two mothers-in-law; one who gives her hand in marriage and the other who accepts her unwillingly? Will the warring bride and groom find love in each other? Well meet Suman, the girl who can solve toughest problems in life and face any situation with a smile. But how will this head strong girl manage these intriguing dynamics within her relationships? Unraveling this kissa behind these unusual relationships is &TV’s new family drama – Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi starring Sonali Nikam (Suman), Abhishek Malik (Ranveer), Tassnim Sheikh (Ranveer’s mother, Sindoora) and Himani Shivpuri (Suman’s mother-in-law, Kalawati) in pivotal roles. 

The lead cast of the show, Abhishek Mallik and Sonali Nikam were in Agra recently and were awestruck with the Taj! While the two actors are at loggerheads on-screen, they seemed quite comfortable in each other’s company. Both Abhishek and Sonali are seen as MBA students Ranveer and Suman, who are pursuing the course for very different reasons in life. Suman – to ensure a better life for her family and Ranveer to carry forward the business legacy of his family. In this quest to prove themselves, will they find love?

Sonali Nikam who essays the character of Suman says, “Just like my on-screen character Suman, I personally also believe in simple living and high thinking. Visiting Agra has been a distant dream and I am happy that I could come here and experience the love and warmth the city has to offer. I hope that the audience appreciate our efforts and enjoy the story of Suman and Ranveer in Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi.

Abhishek Malik who essays the character of Ranveer Mittal shares,“It’s a pleasure to visit Agra and I love coming back to this city. I am humbled with the love I keep receiving from the audience and I hope the same continues for our show EkVivahAisaBhi. Ranveer, my character in the show is an extension of me. I too am pampered by my mother and have pursued higher education. Our goals in life are the same – to make it big! Personally, I opted for acting as a career unlike Ranveer, and I am enjoying myself thoroughly.”