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What happend when Agnifera fem Anurag and Ragini came to Agra... Must read

Agra : &TV’s popular fiction show Agnifera has struck the right chord with the audience owing to its interesting storyline and stellar performances. The show which chronicles the lives of Anurag (Ankit Gera), Ragini (Yukti Kapoor) and Shrishti (Simran Kaur) has been witnessing some riveting twists post the wedding drama. Anurag and Ragini, who are winning hearts with their unusual chemistry, visited the beautiful city of Agra and interacted with their fans. 
Speaking about their visit, the handsome hunk Ankit Gera shared, “In the past few months, the show has received a tremendous response from the audience and I’m very humbled with all the love that’s been showered on my portrayal of Anurag. Also, I am glad to be back in one of my favourite cities with which I have some fond memories attached".

The beautiful Yukti Kapoor shared, “Ragini is unlike any wife or bahu you may have seen on Indian television. My character is full of life, has a different take on things and I’m lucky that the audience has loved this character. This was my first visit to Agra and I am thrilled to receive so much love. I wish people continue to like our show as we promise to keep entertaining them.” 
Since the show started, audience have seen how Anurag and Ragini’s journey has been one roller coaster ride. Viewers witnessed a major twist when Anurag was forced to marry Ragini instead of Shrishti at gun point. Post their wedding, Ragini has tried every trick to win her husband’s heart. From cooking to singing and dancing, Ragini went all out to come close to Anurag but his feelings have been unaffected as he turned a blind eye towards all her efforts.